Lemon Poppy



Like lots of good stories,  in early childhood…..

"Çaj Mali, pronounced as ‘ts-jai mali’, is Albanian for “ mountain tea". It is a gorgeous herbal tea used to support health for thousands of years. This is what my grandparents used to say proudly of this tea and its healthy qualities. Drinking Çaj Mali is a true Albanian family tradition: as a winter treat with some honey and lemon or to give a health boost when feeling fluish. 

Moving to study in The Netherlands and bringing Çaj Mali along is where drinking it daily became a thing. It signed the start of a Çaj Mali journey: of experimenting with different taste combinations. Of experimenting with different cooking times.  Visiting the  mountain sides where Çaj Mali grows and talking to the locals, who taught on how to recognise Çaj Mali qualities and its colour formation.  Experimenting  with the drying process and tasting all kinds of Çaj Mali.

This journey  helped to form ideas, taste preferences and quality requirements for my Çaj Mali, today presented as Çaj Mali by Lemon Poppy: a tea that is so pure, fresh and sturdy at the same time , it will truly warm your heart, tummy and soul!"